How our reusable candles work

STEP 1: Place the candle refill into the reusable candle vessel

STEP 2: Light the wick and burn as usual

STEP 3: When candle no longer lights, let it cool. The wax will contract, so you can gently pull out remaining wax.

STEP 4: Repeat!

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Our mission is to get rid of single-use candle jars, forever.

An estimated 2 billion candles are sold each year, with an equal or greater number ending up in landfills. Enter: our refillable candle company. ReCandle Co.'s refillable & reusable candle system is better for you and the environment.

  • melted soy wax

    100% Soy Wax

    Soy wax is a natural, renewable resource that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The wax in our refillable candle burns cleanly and slowly, providing a longer burn time compared to traditional waxes.

  • fragrance oil poured into soy wax

    Non-Toxic Fragrance Oils

    Our fragrance oils are free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. We exclude phthalates in our refillable candles, as well as other materials with similar health concerns so you can have peace of mind.

  • cotton wicks in empty candle jars

    Natural Cotton Wicks

    A renewable and biodegradable choice, cotton wicks burn cleanly, producing minimal smoke and soot, making them a healthier choice for both people and the environment.

man plants a tree in the ground

One tree is planted with every reusable candle order

To help further improve the environment, your purchase will lead to the planting of mangrove trees in Madagascar!

Our reforestation efforts will help revive natural habitats, improve coral reef health, support local livelihoods and aid in the fight against climate change by extracting CO2 from the air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does subscribing to ReCandle Co.'s reusable candle work?

Subscribing to our candle subscription box is the easiest way to always have a candle on hand, plus you get free shipping! You have two easy options to subscribe.

If you subscribe via the Starter Kit, your first order will include your reusable candle jar and one ReCandle refill. After that first order, your subscription is automatically set up for the Candle Refill, which you will receive on a 1, 2 or 3 month basis.

If you purchased the Starter Kit without subscribing, you can come back and subscribe to the Candle Refill directly!

As a subscriber, shipping is always free, and you can adjust, skip, or cancel anytime—it’s your ReCandle Co. subscription!

What makes your refillable candles eco-friendly and non-toxic?

Our candles are eco-friendly and non-toxic for several reasons. Firstly, we use 100% natural and biodegradable soy wax. This means that our candles are free from harmful chemicals and pollutants that can be found in traditional paraffin wax candles.

In addition to our natural wax, we use lead and zinc free cotton wicks that are free from heavy metals and other harmful substances. This ensures that our candles burn cleanly and don't release harmful toxins into the air.

We also use high-quality fragrances that are free from phthalates and other synthetic chemicals. This means that our candles are safe for you and your family to breathe in, and won't contribute to indoor air pollution.

Finally, our packaging is also eco-friendly. We use recycled and biodegradable materials wherever possible, and we encourage our customers to continue reusing our candle jars.

Overall, our commitment to using natural and sustainable materials, combined with our focus on creating non-toxic products, makes our candles a safe and eco-friendly choice for anyone looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in their home.

What's the best way to burn my refillable candle?

On your first light, burn your ReCandle for at least 3-4 hours. This will allow the wax to melt across the top and fill in the nooks and crannies of your candle jar. Continue burning your candle for 3-4 hours at a time until you're left with 1/4" of wax—at this point, you're ready to let the wax cool, remove, and refill!

I've finished my first refillable candle! How do I get it out of the jar?

This is the moment we've been waiting for—otherwise, this would just be a case of another single use candle!

First, make sure the wax is fully cooled, and take a look inside your jar. If you see some remaining wax on the sides of your jar, gently press down on the wax and slide up and to the sides. These pieces should break off easily. From there, turn your jar upside down and tap on the bottom of the jar until the wax pops out!

On the off-chance the wax isn't popping out easily and you've confirmed the wax has fully cooled, you can very carefully take a utensil and pry off the wax. This should cause it to crack and easily be removed.

If there's a small amount of wax residue left on the inside of the jar, that's okay! As long as your new candle refill fits inside, that's all you need.

How do I modify my reusable candle subscription?

It’s easy! You can pause your refillable candle subscription, adjust your frequency, or cancel at any time on your Account Page. Once logged in, click on "Manage my subscriptions", click into your subscription, and either pause, reschedule, or cancel.

Are new refillable candle scents coming soon?

Yes! We are actively working on developing new scents for our candle refills. These will be available for new customers to choose when purchasing the reusable candle starter kit. For existing subscribers, you'll have the option to update your subscription with the new scent you'd like to try that month!