Candle Subscription Box to Reduce Your Waste

Tired of throwing away candle jars? With our candle subscription box, you'll receive regular soy wax candle refills to reuse in our handcrafted ceramic vessels, eliminating waste from single-use candles.

Get Your Candle Subscription Box

The Ultimate Candle Club Subscription

As a member of our candle club subscription, you'll always have a candle on hand. Every one, two or three months, receive a new candle refill.

Your Candle Subscription Box Starts With Heat-Withstanding Jars

Your first order will include one soy wax refill, and one handmade, ceramic jar. The uniquely unbranded ceramic jars withstand heat up to 2000°F, making them perfect for ongoing reuse with our candle refill subscription. Local artisan-made in California, every vessel is one-of-a-kind.

Curated, Responsibly-Sourced Fragrances

With custom soy wax and clean fragrance oils, our non-toxic candles fill your home with signature scents like Blood Orange, Amber Noir, Caribbean Teakwood and Black Sea. Our candle subscription box delivers a new soothing scent every month.

Set & Forget Your Candle Subscription Box

Schedule recurring delivery every 1, 2 or 3 months and swap scents anytime through our online candle club. By converting single-use products into reusable ones, we empower busy, eco-conscious lives to reduce waste effortlessly. Make sustainability a habit with routine reuse.

man plants a tree in the ground

Offset Carbon Footprint With Your Candle Subscription Box

We plant a tree with every order, and use 100% recyclable materials. Not only does this help offset your carbon footprint, our reforestation efforts will help revive natural habitats, improve coral reef health, and support local livelihoods.

Candle Subscription Box


How often do candle subscription shipments arrive?

You get to choose whether you want to receive our candle subscription boxes every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months. We make the subscription flexibility for your lifestyle easy - pause, swap scents, cancel or skip months at any time right from your online account dashboard.

What comes in each candle subscription club shipment?

Your first shipment includes our signature ReCandle starter kit - this contains one handcrafted ceramic vessel made locally in California by our artisan partners using natural clay, paired with your choice of soy wax candle scent. All subsequent subscription shipments after that initial box contain soy wax candle refills to reuse your existing jar.

How do I remove the wax from the ceramic jars?

Our soy wax is designed for mess-free removal thanks to our specialized design. This wax contracts instead of expanding, so when you're ready to change scents, the wax will easily detach. Press against any remaining wax, and watch as it releases from inside the jar. Then insert your new soy wax refill and relight as usual - it's that easy for ongoing reuse!

Are your candle subscriptions non-toxic?

Absolutely. Every element is designed for ethical earth-friendly homes. All fragrances are phthalate-free and free of anything on California's Prop 65 list. Even our packaging utilizes recycled materials for zero waste shipments. You can confidently reuse with safety in mind.

Can I customize my candle subscription shipment?

Of course! Once you subscribe, you gain access to your personal account dashboard where you can pick your preferred next scent whenever you like, change frequency of deliveries, skip months and more. We make it easy to tailor your recurring candle subscription box experience to match your lifestyle needs.

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