I started ReCandle Co. to offer a convenient, sustainable solution to the immense waste created by single-use candles.

As a lifelong candle-lover, I was troubled to see so many beautiful, usable jars end up in landfills simply because they weren't designed for reuse. Americans discard over 250 million tons of waste annually because it's culturally acceptable to think of products as disposable—candles were a prime example. This take-make-dispose mentality is environmentally unsustainable.

With ReCandle Co., I aimed to shift from the disposable mindset to one of reuse. Our reusable candle vessels and non-toxic soy wax refills eliminate the concept of single-use candles. Customers can enjoy their favorite fragrances again and again, without generating repetitive waste.

We further reduce our environmental footprint by sourcing handcrafted ceramic jars from local artists and planting a tree for every order.

But our mission goes beyond just sustainability. Life's special moments, from family dinners to evenings with friends, feel more joyful by candlelight. Our candles aim to bring people together and foster appreciation for meaningful experiences.

In the end, I hope ReCandle Co. empowers people to rethink reuse. Repurposing and refilling can give products renewed life, moving us toward a zero waste future.

Join us in reducing the needless waste of single-use candles. Your reusable ReCandle jar is waiting.