Zero Waste Candle Refills For Reusable Jars

Love candles but hate the waste? With our innovative candle refill system, enjoy your favorite scents endlessly by reusing our reusable ceramic vessel.

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Billions of Candles End Up In Landfills

Americans spend approximately $3.14 billion annually on candles, purchasing an estimated 100 million single-use candles every year. All those metal tins and glass vessels end up in the trash to sit in landfills forever. Our zero waste candle refill system finally offers a convenient solution for candle lovers to sustainably enjoy without contributing endless waste.

Mess-Free Switching Between Scents with Zero Waste Refills

Purposefully designed for refilling, our custom formulated soy wax easily detaches from the jar walls once the candle has finished burning. Press against any remaining wax, and watch as it releases from inside the jar. The wax won't stick to the sides like other candles, allowing fuss-free scent changes and a zero waste candle experience.

Handcrafted Vessels Built For Longevity

Expertly thrown by a local artisan potter using stoneware clay and kiln-fired at over 2,000°F, our ceramic jars are built to withstand repeated use over a lifetime. The earthy, neutral design adds style to any room.

Zero Waste Candle Refills Made WIth Non-Toxic Fragrances

Ethically formulated using our custom soy wax blend and phthalate-free fragrance oils, our signature fragrances like Blood Orange, Amber Noir, Black Sea and Caribbean Teakwood fill your home with hours of cozy aroma. Only the highest quality ingredients make the sustainable cut.

Candle Subscription Box


How often are zero waste candle refills delivered?

Select your preferred subscription frequency - whether monthly, bi-monthly or every 3 months, we've got flexibility! Easily manage delivery dates and scent selections from your online account dashboard after subscribing to our candle refill system.

What sustainable items arrive in each zero waste candle refill shipment?

We send 100% soy wax refills matched to your selected scent every delivery. Your initial order also includes your chosen reusable jar - prepared to cherish for reuse over and over again!

What type of zero waste packaging is used to ship candle refills?

We exclusively use recycled and recyclable materials to package delicate shipments, including recycled cardboard boxes, 100% recycled unbleached craft paper padding, and recyclable kraft tape. The box containing your soy wax refill is also recyclable cardboard with recyclable tissue paper made from 60-70% recycled materials.

What should I do with any leftover wax?

Our proprietary soy wax is not only specifically engineered to easily remove from vessels, but it's also biodegradable. Any wax remnants can simply be tossed in your compost pile to break down naturally over time.

For fuller enjoyment, we also recommend putting leftover pieces into a wax melter to take advantage of remaining fragrance. The soy formula retains scents exceptionally well for continuous aroma diffusion when lighting is no longer possible. Our zero waste wax expands possibilities beyond just candle refilling.

Does ReCandle give back in other ways besides candle refills?

Absolutely! We are proud to plant one tree with every order through partnerships that focus on reforestation and habitat restoration. This allows us to offset carbon emissions and give back to the earth.

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